“I had the opportunity to manage Stephanie for more than four years at Oticon, Inc. She started as a graphic designer and within a short period of time became the creative director for the organization. Stephanie is extremely creative, which you would expect in her role, but she is also highly analytical. This is a great combination when you need someone to drive a strong brand, but at the same time can manage business planning – budgeting, resource allocation and agency management. Stephanie is very supportive of her team and their professional development by hosting team events and off-site training opportunities.”
Sheena D. Oliver
Chief Marketing Officer, Wholesale USA at WSAudiology
September 9, 2019, Sheena D. managed Stephanie directly

“I had been working with an agency for a while when Stephanie was assigned to my account. Even though change is often hard, it was immediately obviously that this would not be one of those times. Stephanie took over the account and really became an extension of my team. Always professional, she is direct and to the point in order to quickly uncover the need. Stephanie designs not for awards, prettiness or coolness (though she can do that too), but to meet the needs of the project. She was able to take our projects and look at them through new eyes to keep them fresh, but still keep the objective in mind. It was a personal and professional pleasure to work with Stephanie and anyone would be lucky to be in my shoes.”
Prudence Helders
Marketing Manager at ALL-STATE LEGAL
January 29, 2019, Prudence was a client of Stephanie’s

“Simply the best”
Shireen Muldowney
Principal Fundraising Advisor at DRS Consultants
April 25, 2013, Shireen was a client of Stephanie’s

“Stephanie is a talented designer and is always on top of what needs to be done for each client. At client discovery meetings, she asks insightful questions and really gets to know the client’s business and what they expect from a design agency. She is a valuable asset to any company.”
Cara Nicolini
at The Lynx Group
April 13, 2012, Cara reported directly to Stephanie at Falco Design

Stephanie is a creative dynamo; she has unmatched design sensibilities and uniquely understands the creative process. She was a key contributor to our growth in her capacity as a designer and then as Assistant Art Director. Driven by a passion for customer satisfaction and personal excellence; her visionary personality and patience are critical resource whenever thinking “out of the box” is required.
Sharon Coté
Marketing Strategy | Data Analysis | Market Research | Digital Marketing
May 5, 2008, Sharon worked with Stephanie in different groups